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  • Company


    We are a world-class, innovative enterprise dedicated to buying and selling gold bullion bars for investment, from the finest European refineries, through our online trading store. The quality of our products is endorsed by LBMA and we are proud to have the best business plan in the Market.

    Registration in the British Virgin Islands No: 1908296 Date March 10, 2016 Administrative Office in Paris Tour Montparnasse, 33 Avenue Du Maine, Paris 75015, France

  • Mission


    To lead as a cost effective, reliable and competitive company in the international market, allowing us to position ourselves as the best choice through constant innovation that drives the economy of our customers and employees.
  • Vision


    We are a global business venture specialized with the best personal training tools to help you achieve your goals.
  • Values


    Integrity Integrity is to be congruent between what is thought, said and done.

    Innovation We combine creativity and intelligence to meet changing needs by implementing systems together with a multidisciplinary team that is capable of creating and managing a dynamic digital platform of excellence.

    Competitiveness We seek to achieve synergy so that the organization is successful and pioneering in its own development. This is reflected in increased productivity and improved customer service.

    Evolution Processes leading to better adapt to the environment by modeling and creating an innovative business model that potentializes the power of computer technologies.