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Expert opinions

If you ask experts in the world about your opinion on gold, would answer 99%, "Gold is currency "Gold is safety".
It is therefore not surprising that the top experts around the globe recommend to their clients to have 10% to 20% of their assets in Gold.
For the past 2600 years, gold has been used for asset wealth protection and/or generational wealth.
Bullions gold allows you to protect your assets by owning physical 999,9 certified gold currency in small gram weights.

Some of the statements of experts:

  1. "Who has gold has always money". Alan Greenspan (former Federal Reserve chairman)
  2. The editor and publisher of The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report says: "Everyone should buy some gold every month, forever, in order to secure from". (Marc Faber)
  3. "Money is lying, gold is honest" and "Freedom of Gold". Literature by Prof. Dr. Bocker (Commercially available)
  4. Karsten Dabelstein, gold expert Conrad Hinrich Donner Bank of Hamburg, "I am assuming that the gold price will fall because of demand from central banks in emerging countries is no longer significantly less than 1000 dollars per ounce".
  5. Walter K. Eichelburg. "To almost $ 1,260 per ounce, it went for the gold price in June of 2010 upwards. This was followed by the correction, and now the price quoted per troy ounce around 5 percent below the high". Walter K. Eichelburg still sees much potential for the gold price and assumes that the gold price is depressed by the central bank deliberately. His opinion: "The gold rush begins in just a few days could be the price of gold rise to $ 10,000 or more". Overall, he sees potential to at least 50,000 dollars per troy ounce. "How high the price will go up in detail depends on the actions of central banks," said Eichelburg. In hyper-inflationary times is also a billion dollars per troy ounce possible. The variant to invest in physical gold, or the buying of gold bullion is the best and safest investment.